About Us

     Tracy and I were married in the summer of 2006, after working together at a Christian camp for four years.  During my senior year of college, God burdened our hearts for the lost souls of Brazil and in May of 2007 Tracy and I were able to take a two-week survey trip to Cuiaba, Brazil accompanied by our Pastor, assistant Pastor, and the pastor of the church in which I grew up.  It was during this trip that God confirmed in both of our hearts His call for us to serve Him in Brazil.

   Omar’s Testimony

     I was raised in a Christian home after my parents were saved out of the Amish religion when I was one-year-old.  Since I knew the plan of salvation from childhood, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior in the privacy of my bedroom at the age of eight.  While at Church camp I felt God's call into full-time service but rejected His will for two years until I fully surrendered at the age of sixteen.  Since that time I have endeavored to make His will the sole focus for my life.  In 2002, I enrolled in the Pastoral Theology program at Ambassador Baptist College and graduated in the spring of 2007.

   Tracy’s Testimony

     Growing up in a Christian family, I learned about Jesus and His sacrifice when I was quite young.  When I was about five years old my mother spent several nights explaining to me that I could not get to heaven on the basis of my parent's salvation or my knowledge of  Bible concepts.   After many days of conviction, I pulled my mother aside and told her that I wanted to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour.  I can still remember the joy that filled my heart as I realized that I was now God's child.  I surrendered to God's perfect plan for my life at a Christian camp when I was twelve years old.

   Our Prayer Card