Facts About Brazil:

~ Brazil is the largest Catholic country of the world with 89 percent of the population claiming to be Roman Catholic.  However, only 10 percent actually practice the Catholic faith.

~ The number of Spiritists in Brazil is listed as over 2.5 million.

~ Nearly Forty-two percent of Brazil’s population is under 15 years.
~ The Brazilian Government is a Federative Republic

~ Brazil is the only South American country that is not Spanish speaking.  Instead Portuguese is the national language.

Facts about the State of Mato Grosso:

~ The state of Mato Grosso has a population: 2,803,274   (2005)

~ Mato Grosso has a land area of 350,120 Sq. Mi. Which is nearly equal to the area of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Minnesota combined.

~ There are 141 cities and towns (without villages) in Mato Grosso; 136 of them are without a Bible believing Baptist Church.

~ Cuiaba, the state capital, has a population of over 800,000 people.

~ The chief industry in Mato Grosso is farming. Crop and cattle farming are also plentiful, along with forestry.